Why Some People May Not Lose Weight

 Nobody would want to be labeled as obese or fat, right?  In this sense majority would want to gear and have a desirable body by all means.  Any man would aspire for a chiseled chest that would make a head turn for women.   And all women would want to have an eye-popping curvy figure as any man would desire.  The ideal weight for a man who is standing 6 inches and one centimeter tall should be not more than one hundred eighty pounds to be exact.   While a woman who stand five inches and six centimeters tall should not weigh more than one hundred and forty pounds.

Ideal and as well not easy to be maintained or attained by men and women at all. Because of this, many men and women would commonly take his to the common and known fad on dieting and losing weight. One may enroll into taebo training to eliminate extra fats and some would be engaged and join belly dancing sessions to desperately get rid of the extra belly fat.

What if none of those are working for you?  This is where the dilemma comes in.  With such a problem, it is likely you may need a compilation of the different effective books for effectively losing weight and proper dieting.

We have  cited 5 different and most common factors like the ones found earlier in this e-book which are the reasons for one who could hardly lose the excess weight and pounds. It is suggested that you have to really read and understand the details discussed and taught.

The following factors are:

Lack of physical exercise

Physical exercise is the most important and essential thing that should be incorporated in ones diet regimen or weight loss program. If you would wish to shed off the extra flab and achieve a desirable body contour and shape then proper exercise is a must. You really have to sweat out the excess calorie taken into your body. Exercise would be the ultimate way to eliminated extra calorie deposited in your body. A good cardio exercise would be the most common and effective form of exercise. Pacing would vary per individual though. As earlier stated in this e-book, on should consider the pacing of a cardio exercise according to the body’s condition and capacity until such that body will be able to adjust finely with the desired pacing.Lack of sleep

Lack of Sleep

 As also previously been discussed in the earlier chapter of this e-book, the lack of a regular and complete sleep is one of the major contributing factors on why one would not effectively lose weight at all. A regular eight hour sleep every night is needed by the body. There is a tendency that the body would require more amount of food and spend less energy basing from a study with woman who sleeps less than five hours in a day.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety as one of the major factors with ineffective weight loss for women. Stress and anxiety would cause a person to binge in food as an alternative or a way to compensate such. The normal defense mechanism of the body is to eat and resort on comfort food. As the hormone cortisol is being secreted by the body to increase appetite, this would be the reason as to why one would easily get the extra weight over a short period of time. Also associated with stress and anxiety would be the lack of interest for activity. This would also be a reason for a person to gain extra weight resulting from inactivity.

Over eating

If one eats a lot, then one would gain weight as a logical reason. It is very important that one should be conscious of what goes inside and how much goes inside the mouth and subsequently into the body. A balance diet and a nutritious meal are very important. Quality of food intake should not be compromised even when under a diet program. One should be conscious and mindful that the body should still get the desired and right food when even under a diet regimen. As one would control the quantity of food taken in.

Inconsistency in exercising and diet

Eating nutritious food consistently is an issue in weight loss and dieting as well. You should remember that it is not all about the amount and quantity of food taken in the body that would make you gain weight easily. Also a great factor would also be the quality of food taken in. though you may eat small amount of food but would grab a slice of a cake or a scoop of ice cream every after one would make dieting futile. To lose extra pound, self- discipline and being conscious of what one eats would also be important.

These are some of the major factors and reasons why one does not get the desired weight or does not lose weight at all. It is not only important to have a fit and curvy body, but as well a much bigger importance and emphasis on a healthy lifestyle as well.