What You Didn’t Know About Choosing The Best Domain Name


Words have meaning but names have power…

The meaning of this phrase rings quite true especially in this age of branding development and internet marketing where the success of your online business heavily depends on the quality of the domain name chosen. And while you might be led to think that web design is the hardest part of site creation, be assured, it is not. In fact, experts agree that choosing the right domain is just as important as choosing the right web design. However, it goes unsaid that it is getting harder to find an easy to remember name that is iconic and also available, reason why the following read provides helpful tips on how to find a great domain name for your company.

Tips for the best Domain name

> Does your brand have a name?

First things first, you should check the available URL’s that are suited for your business. At DomainMarket.com, finding the available URL’s for your business is just as easy as typing the keyword in to a search box and voila! You will be provided with thousands of domain names that are just waiting to be transformed in to high quality brands. However, be sure to carry out your own research so as to find out what your competitors are up to and what your market wants.

> Domain names are not all about keywords in the URL

When asked about keyword rich domains improving search rankings, Duane Forrester, the Senior Product Manager of Microsoft Bing aptly replied that such would only be possible 10 years ago but not today. What does this all mean? Are keywords bad for your domain name? Well, not necessarily, as much as main keywords may not be vital for high ranking in your domain name, they are important all the same because you have to keep the user in mind. On the other end however, you should consider choosing a memorable, available and brand related domain name.

But what happens when the domain name that seems perfect for your online venture has already been chosen? This is where a premium domain name comes in; rapidly gaining popularity in the online business world, the premium domain names are short, memorable and most importantly offer you a competitive edge. DomainMarket.com offers thousands of premium domain names that are not only affordable but also of the best quality.

>Easy to remember

Did you know that the world’s longest domain name is : http://www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch.com/

And is actually a real word named after a Welsh Village?

Going by its length alone, it is not hard to understand why your preferred domain name should be short and catchy. So forget about hard to spell names or clever words; you want your target audience to remember your URL without even trying. Your best move? Avoid numbers and hyphens, and pick a name with only one possible spelling when purchasing a domain name.

> Extensions DO matter

According to statistics, as of June 2013, there were 15 million .NET, 110 million .COM and 10 million .ORG domain name extensions. Still, even with majority of online users preferring the .COM extension, it should be noted that the other domain names are just as good, otherwise no one would be using them right? However, much of it will depend on how your visitors access your site, if they come in through search engines and referrals then any domain extension should work, on the other hand, if your visitors have to type in the domain name on their own then you’re better off using the .COM extension.

At DomainMarket.com, you could secure a high quality domain name that will help you build a memorable online brand and make the first step towards making a great impact in your market today.