Purchasing Domain Name


All domain names are not created equal, in fact, the domain name that you choose speaks volumes about your business. Still, a number of you may be wondering, why are domain names even important in the first place? Here’s why;

Every computer on the internet has an IP (Internet protocol) address, that is, a string of four numbers that are separated by periods ( Since it would be nearly impossible to recall each of our favorite sites’ IP address, the domain names were introduced instead. All in all, let’s not forget that a domain name is much more than just a technical shortcut, it could make the difference between being a success in the online business world and your target market never knowing you exist. So what happens when you find out that your domain name of choice has already been taken and is not even in use? Simple, you buy it.

Purchasing Domain Name

Once registered by another user, domain names are referred to as secondary market or aftermarket domains. These types of domain names become available to you in the case that the owner decides to sell it or when the domain expires. Such domain names often have great inbound links, traffic and branding value, reason why some have been sold for billions. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to bankrupt your start up all while purchasing a domain name, at DomainMarket.com, you have the opportunity to purchase a high quality premium domain name at a price you can afford.

However, with the domain market being in the doldrums for the last couple of years, the following tips are bound to come in handy when purchasing domain names.

1. Pick the right domain name for your company

Although the name of your company and domain don’t have to be similar, you have to agree that branding and recognition will be much easier if they match, right? However, what is even more important is to ensure that the name you pick doesn’t have any negative or obscene connotation in another language.

2. Registration of domain name and related suffixes

Most hosting sites make it quite easy to register domain names if nobody already owns it. A word of advice from the experts though, you should consider buying 2-3 domain names that are close to your chosen domain name to avoid any confusion. DomainMarket.com makes this unbelievably easy what with their search box feature allowing you to view all the available domain names under a particular keyword.

3. Rename your company

Let’s face it, today’s internet searching and shopping is quite pervasive to say the least, reason why you should consider changing your company name rather than search for a domain name that fits it. After all, the cost incurred in renaming your company name will be less than that involved in purchasing a premium domain name.

4. Get the agreement in ink

When dealing with domain moguls that you do not trust, it is most advisable to get the agreement in writing and as soon as possible. On the other hand, you could save yourself the anxiety and risks involved and choose a reputable and reliable domain seller such as DomainMarket.com; the result will be worth every extra dollar spent.

Whether you are looking to craft a new domain name or purchase an already existing one, it pays to deal with the right domain dealer and DomainMarket.com is all about high quality brand domain names; make the right choice today.