How to take care of your Cat’s Health

 We all want the best for our pets; there are a wide variety of products available that can help keep your cat healthy and comfortable. One of these products is simply vitamin supplements. It is crucial for your cat to receive all the necessary nutrients; if your cat is not maintaining a well-balanced diet, deficiencies will eventually occur, which will cause problems to his/her health.

Vitamins that strengthen the bones and teeth are therefore essential to a cat’s health, especially if there is a deficiency in his calcium supply. Potassium deficiency (Hypokalemia) is a common and serious condition in cats. Potassium is an essential electrolyte that performs important functions including the maintenance of blood pressure, the regulation of a healthy heart and the balance of acid/alkali levels in tissues and cells. Kidney failure is usually related to Hypokalemia, but other symptoms include vomiting, diabetes, diarrhoea, and liver disease. There are products available to treat some of these symptoms, for example Hills cat food, which is designed especially to aid cats with liver disease.

Other pet supplies that contain a healthy dose of vitamins include Applaws cat food, and James Wellbeloved cat food. These products all help to benefit your cat; however, you must seek vitamin and mineral supplements only if a veterinarian has first allocated a specific vitamin deficiency. The occurrence of over-supplementation is very common in pets whose pet owners are not properly informed. This can lead to other problems, for example an overdose of vitamin D can lead to a cat’s bones becoming increasingly dense, which could result in them suffering from tissue and joint calcification.

Cystitis is a disorder in which a cat’s urinary tract is blocked, causing pain and stress. Symptoms of this condition include frequent visits to the litter tray and wet patches in the corners of bathrooms and/or bedrooms. Usually in these situations there is a lack of evidence of a cat actually urinating, but you may catch your cat ‘yowling’ while attempting to produce urine. If you notice your cat is having these symptoms it’s very likely that he/she is suffering from Cystitis. You should have your cat diagnosed by a veterinary immediately, as these same symptoms can also point to a bladder that’s close to bursting, which would be a much more severe issue to deal with. Fortunately there are products that can help a lot. The Royal Canin Urinary SO products cater to the needs of cats with Cystitis.