Do doves make ideal pet?

 You might have often seen people releasing doves in the air. Doves are symbolized with love and peace in general. Doves usually refer to rock pigeons that are domesticated. The most commonly used is the white dove. They have been significant in Christian weddings, politics, and army since time immemorial. Doves have the capability of remembering their homes and thus know how to fly back to their homes. This exceptional ability has been the reason for their use in army. Their release symbolized with peace has been used in politics to spread message of peace. Being a quiet and charming bird, isn’t it the best choice for all those looking for pet birds? Take a look at some interesting facts about pet doves.

These birds have originally been from Africa, especially the white ones, whereas other species have been found throughout the world. There are various types of doves, white, fruit doves, mourning doves, etc, and they usually fall in the range of 8 to 12 inches in length. The most interesting reason that may let you have it as a pet is that it has a life span of around 10 to 25 years. Won’t it be great to have a pet for such a long span? Of course, you need to look after it well. Pet doves usually come in white shades and may have a gray shade too.

The best thing about pet doves is that they are much disciplined once domesticated. Unlike other birds, which may bite you, these birds never try to bite you. They do not make fussy noise and have gentle temperament. Once you keep them as pets, you can train them with bonding techniques. They behave well with strangers too. This characteristic makes them a good choice. If you are not ready to adopt other fussy birds and want a pet as well, doves will be an ideal choice. They look charming and above all are easy to look after. Even your children will love them. If you are having a pet for the first time in your house, it will be easy for you to handle them. Although they too need attention and want to socialize, they will naturally adopt your environment and mingle with your family.

Once you decide them to have as pets, you must know their feeding and caring rules. They feed on fruits and other veggies. You can feed them with seed mix and pellets available commercially, suited for doves, pigeons, etc. Birds need exercise and so do doves. Do not cage them. Let them move around in your homes. Make sure you have an area where they can stretch their legs, roam around freely for sometime in a day. Like other pets, you need to make sure that they don’t run into any hazards. So, closely supervise them. Little care and attention and you have a wonderful family member.

You can get along with these birds quite well. Why not go and meet any pet dealer and take a close look at these disciplined birds? You will surely get a compatible pet with long companionship.