7 Plants that can prove fatal to your pet birds

 The holiday season is here and decorations, both natural and artificial, are on in full swing. Though the season inspires many beautiful decorations, there are many which can even be poisonous to your pet birds. Many of the plants that we use for decoration can be toxic and can cause severe illness or death in parrots and various other birds. It is hence advised that they should be avoided by bird owners as they decorate their homes in the holiday season.

If you don’t know which plants could prove fatal for your birds, don’t fret. Listed below are some holiday plants which could harm your winged creatures. If you still want to go ahead with some of these decorations make sure your pet doesn’t come in contact with them. Taking necessary precautions, hence would even keep your festivity in check and not harm your pet birds too.

1. Holly

One of the best decoration items for holiday festivities, this plant’s leaves and berries can prove extremely dangerous for your feathered companion. Instead you can opt for a synthetic holly in your holiday seasons in order to keep your winged friend safe.

2. Mistletoe

Everyone loves to kiss under the mistletoe, but it can be extremely deadly for the pet birds. As with holly, even it’s leaves and berries are extremely toxic to you pet birds. So if you have pet birds at home, it is best to avoid the mistletoe and get yourself kissed the old fashioned way during Christmas.

3. Poinsettias

These plants are usually a very integral part of all holiday festivities. But if you have birds at your place, you might have to skip these and opt for a safer decoration. The worst thing about these plants are that they are not just harmful for birds, but also to other animals and people as well.

4. Christmas trees and live wreaths

Christmas trees and some other overgreen decorations can pose danger to many pets including cats and dogs. Some varieties of evergreens are capable of triggering problems on some parrot species, so it is better to opt for an artificial tree instead of losing your pet bird. Moreover it is also important to ensure that your pet bird is not exposed to any Christmas tree as the shiny decorations attract their curious beaks and can lead to choking hazards. The glass lights can pose a risk of cuts, toxins and even electrocution while the bits of artificial fibers can be swallowed by these birds and cause life threatening health problems.

5. Christmas cactus

Many cactus varieties are poisonous to pet birds. Though there are not many evidences of their toxicity, it is better off to avoid this one, than regretting it later. So if you want to find if the plant is toxic your not, don’t let your bird be the judge for that. As a bird owner, the best precaution you can take is to treat every plant, whose properties you are unknown with, as a potentially harmful substance for your bird.

6. Lillies

Many lillies are extremely popular in flower arrangements. The most popular is the Christmas lily which is used by many families in holiday decoration. But bird owners should be careful with this one. The flowers and leaves of this plant are potentially hazardous to your pet birds. So if you want to go ahead with this decoration, make sure to remove lillies form all the areas, where your bird has access to.

7. Ivy

While on one hand this plant adds a beautiful access to your room, on the other hand many varieties can be deadly for the pet birds who live with you. So abstain from this plant to ensure your bird’s safety